Trend Following System

Getting its name from the serpent-like moving average bands we use as a core indicator for the success of this trend-trading strategy, DragonShot might be one of the most profitable strategies ever constructed.

The DragonShot strategy in action
Multi-timeframe analysis – We identify the strongest trends on higher timeframes, indicating the commitment of institutional traders. We join the market moves that are backed by millions of dollars of liquidity.
Discretionary trend trading – Patience and experience pays off when waiting for the perfect signal to take a new trade.
Professional moving average implementation – Common knowledge usage about moving averages are completely wrong. Institutional traders use it differently and this is a core function of the DragonShot trading strategy.
Dynamic moment-to-moment analysis of price action, momentum and order flow – We read the market conditions on in the moment, constantly working with the latest information. We use this information to manage our trades, stops and targets dynamically as market conditions change to minimize loss and maximize profit.
The full picture – Ever felt like you were not seeing the full picture of what’s going on when trading? It’s because you aren’t. There’s so much more to trading than just a few indicators. We always get the full picture by using top-down analyis, order flow, supply and demand zones and using moving averages the way institutional traders use it. We know how to anticipate market moves before it happen and why it moves the way it does.

Frequently Asked Questions

I mainly trade from early London session until the middle of New York at which point most of the biggest moves have happened for the day.
With DragonShot we identify the very lows of highs of pullbacks in a trending market. In other words we get into the trend at literally the most optimal place possible and then ride out the momentum created by market movers.
Yes, sometimes we hold trades over the weekend. I usually send out alerts shortly before market close on Friday if we need to adjust anything on the trade before the market closes. This ensures that we are optimally positioned for the Sunday evening market open.

This system is the proprietary system that I created from years of work. At the moment I'm not teaching the system itself to anyone, but all the signals you get are based on DragonShot.

If I get enough interest, I would consider creating a course to teach it. If that is something that interests you, let me know via the contact form.