Is It Possible To Be 90%+ Profitable With Day/Swing Trading?

YES! But not trading the way you might have been taught.

Most profitable trading systems have a 55% – 65% win rate which means it generates slow and steady profits. To really get rich from it will require you to either:

  1. Have a massive trading account: this is the secret of most “wealthy” traders. They made their money in other ways than trading and now even a +2% gain amounts to thousands of dollars. That’s how they are now “professional traders”.
  2. Trade consistently with the same strategy for years. This is the slow and steady version of trading and it’s the way that most people think they can do but never have the patience to pull off. Soon they get impatient and do something to blow another one of their accounts.

Our trading system requires neither. We are in the market almost every day and if there is money to be made, you can know we were somewhere in that move.

Best of all – the DragonShot trading strategy allows us to be profitable 85% – 90% of the time. Do we get this every single week?


But over any 3-month period it’s always the case.

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