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Pro Trader Signals

80%+ profitable trades.
Receive 5 – 10 trade alerts per week.
Clear and easy-to-follow entry, stop and target prices.
Stop losing money and start trading with the pros.

Every new trade signal includes the best stop and target price – no guessing on your part. Most trades are entered at current market prices. Whenever possible you are given a heads up about incoming new trades.

Most signals are optimized to set-and-forget, but we always take the latest market information into consideration. Should we need to manage an active trade, you’re given clear instructions on what to do.

From opening a new trade to profit, all you need to do is follow the signals and you’ll be enjoying profits.

Traders Rated:

We Trade For Wealth, Not Just Profitability

Look, I’m going to be straight with you here. Most other signal service providers out there are a scam or a complete joke. They might have flashy websites, but then something like a +3% growth per year.

Are you kidding me?! At such a poor rate you might just as well invest your money in a savings account at the bank. No thank you.

We’re Here To Make Money

I trade to make money – and a LOT of it. If you feel the same you’re in the right place.

I have absolutely no interest in making 3-8% per year. Here we make 100% on our account. And then 100% again.

This is the leverage and power that professional trading brings and the only thing worthy of spending our hard-earned money on.

And yes, I trade with my own money.

Meet Your Trader

Hi, I’m Albert.

I’ve been trading the Forex markets for exactly 10 years now. After the typical obstacles beginner traders faced, I stopped messing around and got serious about my trading.

I spent 2 years training under some of the most profitable (and now-retired) traders in the world. It cost more than most people are ever willing to spend… but it was worth it a thousand times over. I’ve been trading professionally for 5 years.

I trade with the market flow, reading the latest info from price action moment by moment, allowing me to maximize profits and protect capital.

Join me on Telegram to see this trading in action.

* Please note that all figures on this page is purely hypothetical and does not guarantee similar future results. To read more, please see our terms and conditions.



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